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Most decent makeup I had made... IMOI can say that I'm a late bloomer when it comes to being "kikay". Though a few years back, during my high school days I used to hangout with my very kikay friends. Tin, my BFF in high school, taught me how to apply mascara, eyeliners, eyebrows, etc. name it she knows how to use any makeup tool. I stopped primping myself when they got separated from me. Though I still groomed myself and always see to it that my wardrobe was updated, makeup is not my priority or in my interest. I got teased when I was working in a shipping company due to my appearance. No, I am not ugly nor I do not looked like unkempt employee but I always go to work without any makeup on. Not even a lipstick or a powder. It got me thinking, is wearing makeup the only basis of getting respect here? I mean don't get me wrong, I don't think they were that shallow but the way they are teasing me is so humiliating and most of the times it made me feel very low. I knew then that the only "flaw" I had is that I lack presentation. Its not enough that I wear clean and ironed clothes, its not enough that my hair is rebonded, and its not enough that I don't have a zit on my face. I realized that when I got in college. I had a subject, its called "Personality Development".
I tried to do the smokey eyes but I failedI learned from my college professor that I need makeup. Every self-respecting career woman needs makeup. It's like an armor. It's part of the image you want to project. So eventually, during my college days I invested on makeups... but not extravagantly. I purchased the basics, just enough so I could comply to the course requirements (would you believe that we are required to wear makeup as an HRM student?). Then, when I've started working I said to myself that I will invest on personal things like dresses, pants, slacks, skirts, blouses, shoes and makeups. No tees, no rubber shoes. I will reinvent myself as a matured and responsible individual. I will not repeat my past experience where I let my colleagues treat me dirt. No way. Now, I'm proud to say that I did it! I effin' did it! Currently I'm in between jobs so I have plenty of time in my hands. I watch makeup tutorial on YouTube then I try them to myself. I also watch How-To-Do videos from cosmetics company like <i>Benefit, NYX, Smashbox, Too Faced and Shu Uemura</i>. I get my inspiration from them. As of now I'm using NYX Beauty To Go (look it up on their site) because this palette is a complete package, I'm using Makeup Primer from Tony Molly and if I want glittery eyeliner I used my sister's liner and she bought it from The Face Shop. I also bought a set of makeup brushes online via Groupon but I don't recommend buying there because they don't offer shipping and you need to verify from their customer support (which I will mention that its very hard to get through) if the item you are claiming is available on their stock. I recommend buying from CashCashPinoy or Ensogo.com or Metrodeal.com because they do door to door delivery.

Inspired by Shu Uemura&apos;s Spring Collection

I will post pictures of myself with makeup on in the future.

Off topic: I think I want the layout of this blog to be revamped but I still need to learn how! LOL! And the future contents would be more on Makeup or Carbonara!! Hahaha! I really want to make a food blog and I think its time to do it!


You look great in your first 2 photos! If I may though, I think you should steer clear of neons (I honestly don't like them on anyone, not even on me, unless the one wearing it is going for the Barbie Doll/candy look, and even then it's kinda "meh" for me).

I wanna have a make-up chikahan session ;A;

Also I've read your entries! So THAT'S what you've been up to! v^.~v