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ebil bunny

Holy Week 2012

I haven't posted in days because we have visitors here and the PC or the netpad is always occupied by either kiddos or my youngest sister. Anyway, we went outing last weekend to Bosay Resort in Antipolo. Sad to say I didn't enjoyed my visit. Most of the pools were full packed and the water is already colored muddy. They offer different types of pool for all age and sizes. I spent most of my time in the Olympic Pool with Andrie. To say that I was "brave" is definitely not true. I had floating devices with me and of course my hubby. He's a swimmer so I'm confident that I will not drown and I trust him that he won't let me off the "salbabida". The downside of being in the Olympic Pool is that they have "dress codes". I am very conservative and I haven't tried go swimming wearing only bathing suit, either one piece or let alone two piece. But alas, I was forced to wear the swimming gear without board shorts (which I'm fond of wearing whenever I go swimming) just to be able to get in the pool. So sad. I will not go to that resort again.


Hey, nice to see you back here dear! ♥

Sorry to hear about your trip though. :S