Geo on the Run

Because life is full of shit

Geomie Ann Elman
1 November 1982
I am currently a Student of Jose Rizal University taking up Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management Major in Cruise Management. Right now my only activity aside from my academics and extra-curriculars are online gaming. I do love computer games but I tend to be easily get bored after a few weeks or so. Sometimes I do chatting and I take time to go out and hang out with my best buds (Wryan, Anne, Aaron, Joy) to have fun, well mostly we do karaoke singing and food trips. Did I mention that I like sweets and Carbonara? Yes, I have a sweet tooth which is a burden right now because I really need to lose weight. I am not obese (or I'd like to think that I'm not one) or a glutton, I just love to eat delicious food. I have control of my food intake except pasta. I just realized it last night... XP even though I already ate I always have room for Carbonara and cakes. Someday I hope my chosen field will take to places where I want most, like Paris. The food there is superb! Says Ina Garten, you know the barefoot contessa.

Anyway, just read my entries it will help you understand me easier.